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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day # 5 (A Favorite Quote)

(NOTE:  This is Day # 5 of my 30-day "Blog Challenge"... 
please see post of August 31 for details!)

"We tried that once, it didn't work out."
                                             --Jordan R, age 4
I love this quote!  It was spoken by a precocious 4 year old when she was invited to a sleep-over at her doting aunt's house.  Well, the fact of the matter was that just a few months before that, Jordan had attempted to spend the night with her aunt, but got terribly homesick and had to be taken home, sobbing and wailing, at 2 a.m.  Thus, when her aunt asked again, Jordan shook her head "no" and spoke the insightful quote above.

Out of the mouths of babes.  

So the next time you are tempted (OR when someone ASKS you) to say or do something that has been said or done before (with less-than-stellar-results), think of Miss Jordan and her famous quote.  It may just save a little bit of your sanity!

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Stay tuned...the challenge continues!
Tomorrow (Day # 6) -- will be a "fun fact"!   Hmmmm... ?!

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