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Friday, September 3, 2010

Day # 3 (A Favorite TV Show)

(This is Day #3 of my 30-day Blog Challenge... see post of August 31 for details!)

Hmmmm... I had to think about this one awhile.

A favorite TV show?  Well, the problem is - I watch very little TV.  I *like* a couple of shows, of course... but a "favorite"?  Doesn't "favorite" imply that you watch it regularly?  Try to never miss an episode?  Rearrange plans to be home when it's on and record it if you absolutely can't be???!

Well, if that's the criteria, then I guess there's really only one show that could be considered my "favorite"...

*** drumroll, please.... ***

The Next Food Network Star!!!

Yes, I LOVE that show!  If you don't know what it is about, it's the "fiery, fierce and fun battle" between twelve finalists, all competing for "the ultimate dream job" -- their very own cooking show on the Food Network.   Hey, don't laugh, it's how Guy Fieri got started!!!

Anyway, I watch every episode obsessively each season.  Every Sunday night at 9pm for 11 weeks,  I remind my husband, "My show is on!  I love you, but LEAVE. ME. ALONE!"  I grab a quilt, a snack, a couple of cats and settle down for one hour of pure TV enjoyment.

Oh yeah, that's me... always livin' on the edge, huh??!!

OH, BTW, this season's winner was Aarti.  Her show is called "Aarti Party", and it's on Sundays at noon.   Aarti's focus is bringing the flavors of Indian cuisine into the home kitchen, and her food does look delicious.

And I like Aarti, but DANG!  I was rooting for Brad!!!  *sigh*

Tomorrow, Day # 4, will be "Favorite Book". 
(Don't worry, we are almost out of the "favorites" thing... !)

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