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Friday, September 10, 2010

Day # 10 (A Photo of Me Taken Over Ten Years Ago)

(This is Day # 10 of my "30-day Blog Challenge"... please see post of August 31 for details!)

Whew, a third of the way there! This 30-Day Blog Challenge is proving to be, indeed, a "challenge"! Not a "chore" by any means (I love doing it!), but definitely a challenge to find the time each day to make these posts, and trying hard to keep them meaningful and fun.

(Are my faithful, loyal readers enjoying this???! I hope so!)

OK, so back to the post at hand.  "A photo taken OVER ten years ago", huh?  Well, this was taken in the 80's (again, I really am DATING myself here!) 

Our son was 10 and our daughter was 16 months old at the time.    (And, yes, yes, that is indeed duck upholstery on the couch, paneling on the walls, and the curtains... well, they speak for themselves!!!)

Anyway, it was certainly a quieter, simpler time.  And despite the long hours and downright plain *hard work* of raising two busy, active children and keeping up with a home and all of life's other responsibilities, I can remember so clearly how much I LOVED those days. They were indeed charming, magical days.  Both children were at such sweet ages... delightful, funny, and oh-so-innocent. 

There was a popular Billy Joel song out at that time called "This is the Time" (from his 1986 "The Bridge" album)... and part of it went like this:

This is the time to remember,
'Cause it will not last forever,
These are the days to hold onto,
'Cause we won't although we'll want to.
This is the time
The time is gonna change...

I always thought of our children when I'd hear that song.  I was well aware that those days then were indeed precious and fleeting, and I tried hard every day to appreciate the wonder and the joy of what I had. 

(You can hear the song here:   THIS IS THE TIME )

Cute PS:  There's another part of that song that says, "So stay with me, baby, I got plans for you..."  And I used to sing that to my daughter when she was very small, and when I got to that part, she would INEVITABLY look at me with a furrowed little brow and little jutted-out chin and say, "Got no plans for me!"   In our family we still quote her to this day!

Tomorrow: A photo of me taken recently.  And I'll give you a hint... there's someone else who's VERY, VERY CUTE in the picture with me!

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