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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day # 18 (A Baby Photo)

Oh lord. A baby picture?  Really???

See, here's the problem.  I was not a beautiful baby.  I wasn't even what you might call "cute".  I was homely, pure and simple.  And pale. And chubby.  And I had a pig nose.  And did I mention "homely"?

Thank goodness my dear mother saw something redeemable in me and didn't throw me back!!!  ;o)

Well... you're here for the pictures, I assume.  OK.
But don't say you weren't warned!

Does that poor child even have a SPINE??? In my family, this picture is lovingly referred to as "Lynn, the bean-bag baby". Oh yeah.

Yeah, just prop the kid up in the corner... she obviously ain't goin' anywhere!
(Geez, I sure hope someone else was home, though!!!)
At least I look happy.  Maybe someone was dangling a pork chop?!

Still need more convincing?
(Um, by the way -- nice try Mom, but the little spit curl didn't really help any.  Just sayin'.)

Well, I finally grew some legs and apparently a back bone, too.  THANK GOODNESS.
But, um, what's with the DIAPER???  Looks like something exploded in there!
I think the kid is waaaaay past due for a change there, Mom!

And ya' gotta love this one. Nice overalls.  I look like Mr. Goodwrench.
But what's with that facial expression?  Maybe I got a look at myself in the mirror???!

So there you have it.  The sad truth: not everyone was a Gerber baby!  Some of us were just... um...NOT!

But years later, you know how I knew that my then-boyfriend was a keeper?  He saw my baby pictures and actually said, "Look how cute you were!"  And it even sounded like he meant it.  Yeah, I MARRIED him!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I was there. You were an adorable baby. Where did you dig up those pictures?
    You were always busy and smiling--just like today. See the plaid pants on the stuffed toy behind you? You quilted that! Yes, you did.
    It was a marvel at the time, but little did we know what it would lead to.
    Love you,