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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day # 15 (A Celebrity Crush)

(September 15th already??!  Fall is in full swing here in PA, and I am half done already with my September 30-day blog challenge!  I hope you are enjoying!)

OH, another *EASY* one!  I'll bet my family is smiling right now.  They KNEW this, right???!

Seriously, I don't really get "celebrity crushes"... that's silly teenage stuff, right?!  I mean, I *like to watch* Keanu Reeves... but that's certainly not a "crush"! 

But my all-time favorite male actor, ever?  Well, hands down that would be Richard Gere.  Some of my favorite movies (An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride) had him in them.  And some movies I watch just because he is in them!  ;o)

According to Google, he was born in 1949 (making him 61 now???!) in PA (Philly).  So he's a local boy to me! 

I think it's fun to see how he has changed through the years...

If you ask me -- still handsome, even at 61!

A favorite food.  Ooooh, food!  One of my FAVORITE subjects!!!  ;o)

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