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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Cheap Thrill!

*Skin*, babee, SKIN!!!

What??!  Git yer mind outta the gutter -- this is a G rated blog! 

I am talking about A DIFFERENT kind of SKIN! 

According to WiseGeek: "a 'skin' is a thin vinyl or plastic adhesive cover that can be attached to the outside of an electronic device (laptop, e-reader, phone, tablet, etc.)  Skins are available in hundreds of colors, designs, and motifs. Skins allow customization of your device and allow them to be uniquely personalized to fit your own design aesthetic."

I recently discovered skins, and there is simply no going back to plain ol', boring, nekkid devices!   ;o)

Yes, yes, I know... they are completely frivolous, and serve no useful or practical purpose except mere decoration... but OH, they are so stinkin' fun and cute!  And surprisingly inexpensive.  And best of all, they are are easy to apply and remove (although not reusable), and don't leave behind any gunk or residue.  Yeah, I'm hooked.

So -- ya' wanna see some SKIN?!!

My Kindle, all decked out and ready to roll:
("Psychedelic Circles" from Skin-it)


My husband's Kindle:
("Industrial" from Decal Girl )


My Dell mini netbook:
(Zebra Skin #35 from Video-GameSkins)

My phone:
(Leopard Spots from Decal Girl)


Aren't those just TOOOO CUUUUTE for words??!  I ask you this?!

So if you are now hooked, too, here are some websites for fun skins to get you started.  The sky is the limit, and they are totally addictive -- believe me!
  1. Decal Girl
  2. Skin It 
  3. Gelaskins
  4. Video Game Skins
  5. Laptop Skins
 So... go ahead, be brave and have fun!  And show some skin, babeee!   ;o)

Photo credit ("Cheap Thrills"): HERE

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update on our darling Boo!

I gave a Squeak (Bentley) "update" awhile ago (please look here), and my faithful, kitty-lovin' readers have informed me that I am long overdue for one of Boo. I totally agree!

The problem is that Boo (my 4 year old seal-bicolor Ragdoll)  is CAMERA SHY! Srsly! He hhhhhhates the camera. He hates the flash. But even without the flash, my Canon Power Shot emits a red light prior to taking any picture, and apparently Boo doesn't like THAT, either!

What's a devoted Raggie mom to do??! I get out the camera out and he starts running! Really! You'd think I beat him with it, LOL! ;o)

Therefore, MOST of my Boo photos are of him SLEEPING. Which, while 100% adorable, admittedly aren't too awfully exciting!

Buuuuut, I am tenacious  ;o)  and have been working hard on getting some good *awake* pictures of him with my new phone (no evil red light!)

So here you go, an update on my adorable, quirky Boo. Complete with his own captions. (Because, yes, I KNOW how he thinks!!!)

Yes, of course I am aware that I am leaving fur all over the quilt fabric in this basket!  So what's your point?
You need to use the sink? There's another one downstairs.

You need to do laundry? More baskets downstairs.
I am the King of the Land Under the Table!
You can have your quilting fabric after my nap... *yawn!*
You want to use these quilts?  Um, not now.  Sorry.
No, I really prefer to think of this as MY bed. Thx.

Ahhhh, nappin' with my brother in a sun beam. Life is gooood!

Um, what is it about "get another basket" that you don't understand?!

This box pleases me.We will keep it. And yes, right here in the kitchen. Thx.

Isn't he ADORABLE?  We sure think so.  For more posts on our darling Boo, please look:


Friday, September 30, 2011

Coming soon - Kindle Fire! (Hot, hot, hot!)

OHMYWEEERD, I was so excited to see the brand new "KINDLE FIRE" unveiled on Amazon just this week:


What is this, you ask?  Well, according to Amazon, it's one of the 4 new products in their "Kindle Family".   The first color Kindle, it also offers movies, apps, games, music, reading and a web browser, like many popular tablets.  (See short Amazon video HERE.)

In the ever-changing world of technology, it seems to be making quite a stir.  (See these articles at PC MagEngadget, and Yahoo News and this video clip from CNN for starters.) 

Now you KNOW I lurve my li'l Kindle (look HERE for proof!).  But lately I have been thinking of getting a tablet, and have been looking around a bit.  What I was finding was too high of a price for too many features that I didn't especially need or want. 

When examining features and comparing to other popular tablets (including, of course, the king pin iPad!) the Fire offers a 7" screen, exclusive new "Amazon Silk" split browser system, Android Gingerbread OS, 8 hour battery life, and 8 GB of storage, but unlimited storage in Amazon's Cloud.  (A hard drive in the sky, babeee!)

BUT, Amazon also makes no excuses: the new Kindle Fire doesn't boast a camera or microphone, potential 3G connectivity or GPS functionality.  But guess what? I'm not lookin' for that - I've got all that on m' phone!  So the Kindle Fire is offering the features I want at a price ME LIKEY!!!  ($199, all-in, all-done, woot!)

In other words, I prefer to think of it, not as an iPad competitor, but as an iPad alternative.  My darling niece (who's the adored techie of our family!), is a shameless Apple fan and lurves her iPad, but even she is intrigued by Amazon's new darling.  (See her blog, The Daring Librarian, and especially this informative post on Kindles and iPads and Nooks OHMY!)

She also found and sent me this LINK which has this incredibly helpful at-a-glance comparison chart:

I am 100% psyched by this new Kindle Fire... in fact -- *SOLD!* --  I have my pre-order already in, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival in mid November.  

So, yeah... I am well aware of what the Fire "is" and "isn't".  I also do NOT intend for it to replace my current beloved Kindle (for starters, NOTHING beats the easy, pleasant reading experience of Amazon's E-ink Pearl technology on the classic black-and-white Kindles!) -- but it will certainly be a fun addition to my li'l stash of electronic toys.  Besides my first Kindle, I think the Fire will compliment my laptop, Dell mini netbook, and smartphone quiiiite nicely, thank you! 

See Amazon link for more information on the Kindle Fire: Here 

PS  The other 3 Kindles in Amazon's new line-up are quite intriguing, too... (see HERE for Amazon's chart comparison) and offer some nice (and inexpensive) options for folks just entering The Wonderful World of Kindle.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Secret Love Affair with Mr. APPS

Yes, my secret is out.  I'm in official love.  With APPS!   Ohmyweeerd, how fun are THOSE?!

I simply LURVE and PUFFY HEART apps.  Apps make organizing, categorizing, keeping track and scheduling SO easy and fun... and those are 4 of my favorite things!!!   It's like having an entire file cabinet with you at all times.   Srsly! 

I have over 100 apps already on my phone, but here are my current Top Ten Favorites (all free, by the way -- you KNOOOOW I am a bargain hunter!)

Kindle:  Oh yeah babee... my favorite app!  I think of this as my Kindle's baby sister!  (For a post on my Kindle, please look here.)    With this app, I can easily load any book from my Kindle on to my phone ("over the air", no cables needed) and read a book anywhere.   Long line at the grocery store?  Waiting for an appointment?   Stuck in traffic, engine turned off?  No problem...  pull out your phone and pick up reading right where you last left off on your Kindle. Would I keeed you about this?!

Audible:  Similar to the Kindle app, this app lets you listen to your audio books on your phone, either via the speaker or with ear buds.  And like the Kindle app, it will sync from your other device(s), so you can easily start listening right where you last left off.  Great for lazing by the pool, working out, walking, long (or short!) car rides, etc.

 Key Ring Reward Cards:   Tired of carrying all those annoying and bulky little rewards and shopper-saver cards on your key ring or in your wallet???   I know I was!  Well, with this app, you scan them into your phone, and then toss 'em, babeee!  While you are at the register in the store, the cashier can simply scan the barcode right your phone!

Evernote:   An easy-to-use app that helps you remember and record anything! Using "notes" and "notebooks" that you create, you can take/make and organize notes,  photos, lists, record voice reminders and more.  Plus it syncs to and from your PC, which is a really handy feature.
Pet Master: An app that lets you keep track of your fur kids' vet appointments (past and upcoming), immunizations, flea treatments, medical problems and more. When did Boo have his rabies shot?    When is Squeak's next check-up?  What did they weigh at age one year?  It's all there, and MORE!

Where's My Droid?  Ever lost your phone and tried to call it only to remember its on silent mode?  *OOOPS!*  Now if you misplace it, you can simply text your phone with a custom set attention word and it will turn the silent mode OFF, the ringer volume UP, and start the phone a'screamin'! You can also text a different attention word and get the GPS location of your phone.  (Um, yeah, I've used it a few times.)  VERY handy indeed!

Flashlight:  My darling niece turned me on to this handy app.  (Thanks, baby!)  This turns your phone into a surprisingly powerful flashlight.  Can't find your keys in the dark?  Sitting in a dark corner of a restaurant and can't read the menu?!  Ta da, now you can!

Quilt Shops:  Enter any City, State or ZIP code to easily search for quilt shops across the United States. Or, using your phones GPS function, let the app automatically show you the quilt shops closest to your current location.  Excellent while traveling!  Now where was THIS all my life?!!

Currency Converter:  OK, how awesome is THIS?  You are traveling and still not quiiite sure what the local currency exchange rate is?  This easy-to-use little app will instantly convert over 190 currencies into the US dollar(s) equivalent, or vice versa!  I would have LOVED to have had this app a few years ago when I was in Thailand... I would have known instantly that those "Ray Ban" sunglasses selling for 20 baht were, um... 65 cents.  Something tells me they were probably knock-offs!!!  ;o)

Relax and Sleep:  This is a surprisingly sophisticated sound machine for your phone.  Do you like to sleep or relax to white noise?  Crashing waves?  Chirping crickets?  A babbling brook?  A gentle rain?  Over 50 different sounds, all surprisingly clear and realistic, plus a timer (which fades the sound out gradually after the length of time you select) make this a very useful and practical app. 

All of these apps are available in the Android Market, or right from the Market app on your phone.  All apps are delivered quickly and easily OTA (over the air)... no cables, wires or hassles!    I also have cooking and recipe apps, restaurant apps, a TV guide app, calorie counters, a headache log, and even a li'l diary that's password protected! 

AAAAND, before I close this post, do you know that Amazon offers a daily PAID app for FREE?   Yep, it's true... and very fun.  A lot of them are games (and I'm not much of a gamer, although I do have a mean Super Sudoku app!), but certainly not all of them.  I recently picked up a printer app (lets you print documents, emails, etc., right off your phone to the nearest printer), regularly $12.95... *FREE* for one day only.  No "catches" and no small print., I promise!  Here's the LINK.   Have fun... but remember, ya' really gotta check it every day!  ;o)

It's a big, wide world of incredible apps out there... so have fun!   (I know I am!)

Top app photo credit:  Here

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Yes, yes, I finally entered the 21st century and got a smart phone.  It was "touch and go" there for awhile, but I quickly decided that  I. *LOVE*. IT!  I thought I might miss the simplicity and ease of use of my little old workhorse LG... but um, NOT!  I kicked it to the curb so fast its little screen spinned!  LOL!

The choices for a smart phone are nearly limitless, of course... but after lotsa research and talking with others, I finally decided on the Samsung Fascinate.  I love the screen size (4"), the amazing resolution ("Super AMOLED" display), 5.0 MP camera with flash, long battery life, and especially the SWYPE technology for texting and e-mails.  Oh yeah babee-- LOVE. THAT!  I promise you -- once you "go SWYPE", you'll NEVER go back to tap-tap-tap TYPE!   That's just so... 2010!  ;o)

The phone is chock full of fun features, and really easy to use.  (For nerds and geeks, the 2.2 Froyo OS is an easy OTA upgrade, and comes with lots of awesome improvements plus Google as the default search, so goodbye BING!  It's also supposedly fairly easily rooted... which I am actually considering.)

Yeah, I'm pretty jazzed.  The GPS and navigation features are awesome, and the phone has replaced my aging, ailing, quirky Magellan GPS.  This phone does just about everything but slice and dice... but I'll bet there's an app for that!

Photo credits: Here and Here

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kindle me, baby!

I am an avid reader and book lover.  I have shelves and cabinets full of books.  I always travel with several books, and usually have a book under my pillow, in my car, in my purse or tote bag, and desk at work.  I love the way books feel and smell.  In my opinion, a crisp, brand new book just waiting to be opened and enjoyed is one of life's purest pleasures. I savor the time spent happily lost in the pages of a good book.

So... I debated long and hard before I bought a Kindle.  I wondered... would I really USE it?  Would I really ENJOY it??  Would it be the same pleasant, enjoyable experience as reading a REAL book?  Well, I've had my Kindle for a few months now and let me assure you that the answers are yes, yes and YES!

I knew my little Kindle was a winner when I tucked it into my back pack and took it on vacation recently... and happily read 6 books in 2 weeks.   I could never have carried 6 (heavy!) books with me; it's just not possible!  But my li'l Kindle made it so easy and convenient!

And (this surprised me)  I am even reading more since I got my Kindle.  Why?  Well, I have identified 3 main reasons.  (1) My [*cough*] over-40 eyes really like the adjustable font feature!!! No reading glasses needed.  YAY!  (2) I have the lighted cover from Amazon and it makes reading in bed (with all room lights off) so easy and enjoyable! (3) I can slip my Kindle into a heavy-duty ziplock bag and read happily in the tub!  (I have always loved to read in the tub but HATE how a regular book's pages get all wrinkly and crinkly when they get wet! Gah!) 

I got the smaller Kindle, with Wi-Fi only, no 3G... wanted to spend as little as possible since I wasn't sure how I would truly like reading on it.  Now honestly, although there have been a handful of times when WiFi was not available and having 3G capability would have been a nice perk, it's really not been much of an issue!   I don't regret my choice.

I love cruising around Amazon's Kindle Store and seeing what's new, what's on sale, and what's FREE.  If you don't already know this, check the Free Book list OFTEN, because prices can change daily, and I have found and read lots of great books that were free one day, $9.99 (or more!) the next. Really!  Amazon also offers a list of 100 different books ("hand selected by our editors") that are discounted to $3.99 or less.  The list changes monthly, and there are some great bargains to be had. Here's the LINK.  There is also an ever-changing list of .99 and $1.99 books all over the site -- but you gotta keep your eyes open!

Yep, Amazon has certainly made "Kindling" easy and FUN!  With one click, you can download a free sample of any book that interests you (and they are very generous samples!)  Or, "Click to Look Inside" at the top of almost every books info page lets you actually "open the book" and read the beginning, right here, right now.  AND, once purchased, every book is returnable within 7 days of purchase with Amazon's excellent no-questions-asked return policy. All samples and books are sent right to your Kindle over the air, no cables or wires required. I mean, really, what's NOT to love?!

And NO! I assure you I am not affiliated with Amazon in any way.  Although I sure wouldn't MIND being!!!  ;o)  

Kindle Photo Credit: here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bentley (aka "Squeak") Update

"WHAT?!  You lookin' at ME?!"

So my kitty-loving followers have told me it's time for an update on my adorable Raggies.  I am pleased and honored to oblige!

First up, Bentley (aka "Squeak").  Born on 12/1/09, Bentley (a blue lynx mitted) is from Megailee Ragdolls near Raleigh, NC.  He came home at 3 months old, and he was 14 months old in these pictures and the video.

He is 100% gorgeous, and one of the two Raggie lights of our lives!  (His older brother Boo is the other one, and I'll do an update on him soon.  Getting good pictures of Boo is little trickier, though, because he HATES the camera, and runs away whenever he sees it.  And if I do a video of Boo, it will probably have to be of him sleeping!!!  Really!)

Anyway, Squeak is 11 pounds, 4 ounces, according to the vet's scale.  (But he looks much larger because of that soft, plush fur coat he wears!)  He is healthy, bright-eyed, quiet and sweet; and rarely meows.  The name of his game is PLAY*PLAY*PLAY, and he is an excellent "fetcher".  (Don't miss a short video clip of that HERE.)  Even people who are not cat-lovers (I can hardly even imagine!) comment on what a striking, stunning animal he is.

And a short video clip (less than a minute long) of my beautiful boy :

Other blog posts about Bentley can be found below.  
Enjoy, and thank you for looking!  

Welcome Home, Bentley!
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Bentley - one CRAZY Raggie!