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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bentley - one CRAZY RAGGIE!

That is our one-year-old Ragdoll kitty, Bentley.  (But we usually call him "Squeak" because for the first year of his life he hardly ever meowed.  He just made this darling little *squeak!* every now and then!  NOTE:  He has since "found his meow" as we say, and can be almost as vocal as his big brother, Boo!)

And believe me, Squeak does the darndest things!   See for yourself...

This is Squeak on drugs the living room chair:

("Where's the remote???")


"Look, Ma, no (front) feet!"

Squeak on the floor...

This belly don't rub itself!



Legs out front...

Legs out back...  ;o)

On the downstairs twin bed...
Love the back feeties here!

On the king bed upstairs...
Yes, I agree... this is just WRONG!!!

The back view!!!  We call this Jabba the Fluff!

So here's the story:   I walked into the downstairs bedroom a few days ago and did a double take.  I called my husband, "C'mere!  C'mere!  Quick!  You gotta see Squeak!  And, oh, bring the camera!"

After ALL those crazeeee poses above... what could POSSIBLY surprise me, you ask???! 

Well... let me show you...

Are you ready?

Are you sure???



Squeak???!  Is that YOU??!

YES! Do you believe THAT?!  I hugged him and kissed him and cooed, "OH, Squeak!  Look at you lying there like a... REAL CAT!!!!"  Awwww, my baby's gettin' all grown up!!!!   ;o)

Seriously... I had never seen him (before or SINCE!) position himself like that.  Legs tucked under, tail curling neatly around... so sophisticated, so TIDY, such a textbook "kitty" pose!  Good thing I caught it on camera... it may be a moment that history never repeats!!!

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  1. LOL! Indeed he does. "Comfort" is both my boys' middle names!!! ;o)