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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boo and Bentley -- Update on "My Boys"!

YES, I am a terrible Raggie mom! HOW LONG has it been since I have given an update on my two sweet boys?! I know, I know, I've been dreadfully, terribly negligent, and I can only plead "crazeeee busy". Please forgive!

OK, so here goes:

Boo, our "seal bi-color", will be four years old on January 31, 2011. Hard to believe! He is SUCH a sweetheart. And just look at that face -- soooooooo cute, cute, cuuuuuuuute! I can hardly get enough of him!

Boo is also VERY vocal... always *complainin'* about something. Tooooo funny!


Bentley (aka "Squeak" -- because he rarely meows -- I think we've heard TWO true "meows" out of him his whole life so far. Every now and then he'll kind-of *chirp!* or *squeak*-- but that's about it!) is a "blue lynx mitted" who will be a year old on December 1, 2010. Whereas Boo is just so darn ADORABLE you can hardly stand it, Squeak is simply a striking, magnificent-looking animal.

They BOTH weigh the same right now -- 12.5 pounds! Which is kinda funny, because anyone who knows Ragdolls knows that they continue to grow and mature till about age 3 or 4 years old, so Squeak will likely (far!) outweigh Boo one day, because Boo is likely fully grown. And for a reference, when Boo was Squeak's age (10 months), he weighed about 9 pounds. Yep, that Squeak -- he's gonna be a "BIGGUN"'!!! That's OK, though, just more to snuggle and love!

Their favorite activities? Rip-snorting through the house at warp speed, then crashing and burning for a 4 hour nap on the bed or our favorite chair!

They also love mutual grooming... watching the bird feeder out the window... eating, of course (hey, it's one of MY favorite pasttimes, too!!!)... and OH how they love to *PLAY*! Quail feathers, feather wands, Da Bird, and those little furry mice (that Squeak "kills" and eviscerates in about 15 minutes flat) are their current favorite toys.

And have I mentioned that Squeak actually FETCHES, and he has since he was a baby?! Yep, just like a puppy dog! Sooooooo stinkin' cute!

OH yeah, in case you can't tell, I am totally smitten with these guys.  Spoiled little furballs, indeed!!!

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Thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful ragdolls.
    The second, and third picture of Boo really shows his personality. So adorable!

    So does the second, and last picture of Bentley/Squeak. He looks really sweet, and very adorable.

    I PM'd you a question on the ragdoll forums.


  2. So adorable...I am a cat freak also.