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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boo, our Ragdoll Cat

One of the very best things in my life is the beautiful kitty below - our Ragdoll, Boo. Boo is sweet and silly and has the softest "bunny" fur and the bluest eyes ever.

Ragdolls are purebred cats especially known for their gentle, loving disposition. They are a "pointed" breed, meaning that their ears and tail will be darker than their body, and they always have blue eyes. Ragdolls can be quite large, although Boo is only 12 pounds. They were named "Ragdolls" because of their tendency to go limp when held; and because of the famous Ragdoll "flop"!

Boo has lots of nicknames: BooKat, Tiskers, Stinkweed -- just to name a few. Boo is very special to my husband and me; we just love him so much!

I am a member of Ragdoll Central - a wonderful forum for all cat lovers everywhere. If you love cats, please check it out!

These next pictures of Boo are some of my favorites. He looks like an angel when he is sleeping!

Raggies (as they are affectionately referred to sometimes) are born all white (they look like little white mice!) and their color develops as they mature. Here's a photo of Boo when he was just a baby. Cuteness overload!!!

He is always doing funny and silly things. He was "hiding" here!

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  1. Awwwww that kitten pic of Boo is just what you said..."cuteness overload!" adorable!
    human cousin of Boo