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Saturday, July 18, 2009

"MMMM, you smell pretty!"

I LOVE fragrance. ALL types of fragrance. Bath salts, shower gels, body lotions, scented powders, body splashes, colognes, perfumes... you name it!

Once when my darling daughter was a teenager, a (super cute!) boy she liked walked up to her, sniffed, smiled and said, "Mmmmm, you smell pretty!" We still smile about that to this day!

So this post is devoted just to that -- "smelling pretty"!

Right now I have four favorite fragrances, and they are pictured above.

Falling in Love: This is a very light, floral, citrus-y *FUN!* fragrance. It's like a lighter version of Victoria's Secret's "Love Spell", remember that?! Think sundresses, strappy sandals, and a sidewalk cafe lunch with your sweetie. That's "Falling in Love".

Pink Sugar: Mmmmm, delicate and innocent, and just like the name says: sweet and sugary. Think curled up on the sofa, after a long bubble bath, in your softest, sweetest cotton PJs.

Burberry: Very hard to describe! Think dress-down Friday at work before a long weekend. It is the ONLY fragrance I have ever worn that doesn't smell like you are "wearing" any "fragrance" at all. It just smells like *you*, only better. Mmmm, a wonderful, unusual, goes-with-anything scent!

Pure Grace: Soap and water clean! Such a fresh, unusual fragrance. A little goes a long way. Think shopping for silver jewelry at Tiffany's with your best girlfriend, wearing your favorite jeans and a skinny tank top. Delightful!

Now, in all honestly -- I must give all the credit to my finding three of these four fragrances to my wonderful niece, Gwynnie. She turned me on to Falling in Love, Pink Sugar, and Pure Grace. (And ever-so-thoughtfully bought me a very fun Pink Sugar set as a surprise giftie!) What would I do without her?! She's not just my niece, she's one of my best friends.

(But hey, I found Burberry on my own!!!) ;o)

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  1. Awwww Lynnie!! i'm so touched!!! thank you sweetie! and i think of you as one of my bestest friends, too! in addition to being a wise, smart, loving auntie who always gives me sage advice and a hug!! LOVE you!!!