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Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Home

Welcome To Our Home...

First, let me start out by saying that we LOVE our country home! We have lived here 4 years now, and it is just perfect for us.

It's just a modest 1500 SF Cape Cod, on 1.1 acres, built in the 1950s -- but we love everything about it -- the location, the size, the layout and the style.

When we bought the house, the kitchen was the only thing that we didn't LOVE; so from the beginning, we knew that we would ultimately want to change it. So we recently completed our HUGE kitchen remodel... 90% do-it-yourself, too. I am so happy and thankful that my sweet husband is so darn talented; I swear he can do almost anything!

Although it took almost a year in "planning", the actual *work* only took 3 months. (And we both have day jobs!) Now it is all done and we are simply thrilled with the results!

Here are a few "BEFORE" pictures:

The Plans...

Some "in progress" shots... (OH, the ***MEMORIES***!!!)

The (old) wall between the kitchen and the dining room had to go!

We should have gotten Boo a little hard hat -- he was never far from the action!

Here is one of our granite slabs ("Santa Cecelia Light"). We hand-picked them from Mont Granite in Solon, OH, and our countertops were fabricated in NY.

FINALLY, on a snowy day in January, our Showplace cabinets arrived!
The rebuilding began! *YAY!*

Boxes filled our downstairs! This was just a FEW of them.

Things seemed to happen quickly now - it was so fun and exciting!

Boo inspects the cabinet quality, and approves!

The appliances and the granite arrived, the floor was installed,
and soon we were... *DONE!*

Here's a little mouse I stenciled by Boo's food dish.
(There are actually several similar "meeces" throughout our home!)

Boo approves!

Our "Coffee Corner"... we ADORE our Keurig coffee maker!

(For more information, check out: http://www.keurig.com/ )

Our dining room:

From dining room into living room:

During the entire process (from "planning" to "DONE!") I found the forum, Garden Web (where I post as "Tiskers") extremely helpful; I totally recommend it. Those people over there are nothing less than amazing! Please check it out at:
Garden Web Home Forums or The Kitchen Forum.

You can find a much more detailed account of our entire renovation (plus lots more pictures) in the Finished Kitchen Blog.


  1. WOW what a great record of a truly successful home improvement! just gorgeous!

  2. What a project. I thought the "before" kitchen looked charming, but the "after" is truly incredible. Well done!
    Where is the Princely Throne for the guy who did 90% of the work? Do you think he is "cloneable," because the thought I had when I got to the end is, "What a guy!"
    Your input is wonderful, too. Thank you for sharing what must have been an ordeal for a while.

  3. We came across your blog only recently and have shared it through our Facebook page.

    Your kitchen update is a great example of making the home you love more "you" and we so appreciate being a part of making that happen.

    Cheers! The employee-owners of Showplace Wood Products toast your successful remodel!