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Saturday, August 24, 2013


He's heeeeeere!  And we are so happy with him, we are just bustin' buttons!

If you read HERE and HERE, you know that we made plans to add a Yorkie Pup from Deb Sillers of AmazingYorkies to our family.  We could have had him shipped but neither my husband or I could stand the thoughts of it!  So I made plans to fly from Pittsburgh to Kansas City, MO (and back!) on 8/13/13 to pick him up myself.

Since we live two hours from the Piitsburgh airport, and since I had to be at the airport by 6:00 am, my husband and I went the night before and stayed at the Hyatt.  I got up early the next morning and hopped on the 5:45 shuttle to the airport.  Hubby spent the day toolin' around Pittsburgh, with plans to be at the airport that night at 8:00 pm -- when I got back WITH BRODY!

I flew PIT to Dallas/Fort Worth, and Dallas/Fort Worth to MCI (Kansas City, MO):

I was a little nervous.  I had 4 flights that day, without any extra time to spare.  One delay could have thrown off everything!  But guess what?!  Every flight went WITHOUT A HITCH and I arrived at Kansas City right on time.   I was texting Deb and my husband furiously!

I walked off that plane and Deb was waiting for me, with the most precious puppy I have ever laid eyes on!  I did almost cry!

Once I had Brody in my hot little hands, I wasn't quite as worried about flight delays, etc. By that point, at least Deb could get back to her regularly scheduled life (LOL!) and of course, I HAD BRODY!  I updated my husband:

Brody was a champ.  His day had started early, too... Deb had bathed him that morning and they had a two hour drive to the airport, too.  Then he waited in the airport with Deb and her two friends till some crazeee woman (me!) scooped him up and smothered him with hugs and kisses!!!

My longest layover (2.5 hours) was in Kansas City (the BEST time for the longest layover -- I'm tellin' you, it was ALL PERFECT!) so it gave me a chance to start getting to know Brody.  His sweet personality was already shining through.  He was everything Deb had promised, and more!

In Kansas City, I even had time to get a quick lunch. Which was good, 'cause by then I was staaaaaarving!

Brody didn't eat or drink, though -- and the poor baby did throw up three times.  But he never complained; he was an ANGEL the whole time.  I was falling more in love by the MINUTE!

So now with my precious cargo in tow, I boarded my last two flights.  Kansas City to Chicago O'Hare and Chicago O'Hare back to PIT.

Brody was SOOO good!  With his carrier stowed safely under the seat, at my feet, and under my watchful eye EVERY SECOND, he slept quietly on both flights.  Not a PEEP out of that precious boy THE WHOLE TIME!

We arrived back at PIT at 8 pm -- right on schedule -- and Daddy was waiting for us there.   He was so happy to finally meet Brody!

We had a two hour drive home, and Brody slept most of the way.  I texted Deb to let her know we were almost home.  I was starting to get concerned that Brody hadn't eaten A THING since Deb fed him breakfast that morning.  Deb suggested that I scramble him an egg with cheese when we got home.  So that's what we did... and he ate almost the whole thing!

Introductions with Boo and Bentley went very well, as I was sure they would.   Bentley was especially curious!

I took the next week off work to spend time with Brody and help him get settled in.  He has been nothing but a JOY and a DELIGHT.  He is sweet, mellow, loving, and just a little feisty!  We are so happy with him!

I took him to the vet and he got a perfect check-up.  He weighs 3.6 pounds, and Deb expects he will probably be about 6 pounds full-grown.   But believe me, there are 100 pounds of personality in that little body!

And, OH -- he's such a SNUGGLER!  He likes napping with me.  And you KNOW I love THAT!

I'm telling you... I couldn't be happier with this little guy.   Stay tuned for LOTS more pictures and updates!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


If you read my last post, then you know that my husband and I recently chose a Yorkie pup to add to our family.  I hope our darling Raggies, Boo and Bentley, agree that it's a good idea, LOL!  I've tried to tell 'em, but those scalawags just don't seem to be listenin'... !


Bentley (aka "Squeak")

Two lazeeeee Raggies...

Funny story: My husband and I had been gone a few hours this morning and when we came home, both kitties were sitting side-by-side in the kitchen, looking very serious and expectant.  Husband says (in his best "kitty voice"): "So, is today the day, Mom? Huh? Huh? We hear ya' talkin'!"  I craaaaaaacked up!

So I'm pretty rusty in the Dog Care Dept.  We haven't had a dog in YEARS... not since Sasha, the German Shepherd/beagle mix rescue that grew up with our kids. I also had NOTHING for a new pup.  (What does a new pup need?!  Well... LOTS of stuff!  Food, treats, chewies, toys, a carrier, dishes, harness, leash, collar, tags, a puppy play pen... you get the idea!)

Here's SOME of the stuff I've gotten... still waiting on a few boxes yet from Amazon and PetSmart!

And they better come soon because he is coming home Tuesday!

"How is he getting home?" you ask. Well, I am flying to MO to get him, of course!  ;o)

YES, YES, I know he could have been shipped.  His breeder has done that before and she had every confidence that he'd be fine.  My daughter had every confidence that he'd be fine.  But let me tell you, if you are EVER thinking of having a pet shipped, DO NOT google, "pets flying in cargo." Even my husband said, "We can't let him fly alone in cargo!  He's so leeeetle!"

So I got busy and found a flight from PIT to MCI (Kansas City, MO) and back in one day that worked for his breeder and wasn't too terribly, dreadfully awful (I leave PIT at 7:25 am and return to same at 8:00 pm)! Keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for NO DELAYS or problems, though... I don't have a minute anywhere to spare!

So that's the story! Little Brody comes home on Tuesday, 8/13/13, hand-carried and riding in the airplane cabin with me.  I am soooo happy and excited.   Lots of pics will follow... I promise!  STAY TUNED!

*Only 3 MORE SLEEPS!!!*

Friday, August 9, 2013



If you have been following this blog at all lately (or read THIS post) you know that I've had PUPPY FEVER for awhile now!

It didn't help matters when my dear daughter got her wonderful standard poodle puppy, Jack.  It just sent me into puppy fever overdrive!

Compounded by the dang fractured foot (see posts HERE and HERE), which meant a LOT of time feeling sorry for myself and sitting on my butt cruising the internet... where I discovered all sorts of neat things.  A forum for poodle lovers... a forum for Yorkie lovers... and oh, breeders, breeders everywhere.   Now if you read THIS POST awhile ago, you know that I'm not a total newbie to Breeder-World, although my past experiences have only been with cats.

Well, I learned right away, it's similar in the doggie world.  And frankly, again, it is shark-infested waters!  There are backyard breeders, puppy mills, and puppy brokers everywhere.  And believe me when I tell you that there are FAR MORE bad (or mediocre) breeders out there than excellent ones.   GOOD breeding is VERY hard work, with very little financial pay-off.  Sadly, most people are far more interested in making money at the animals' expense than working selflessly to BETTER their breed.  But don't get me started!

So... first I (finally!) chose my breed -- deciding on a Yorkie.  Like poodles, they don't shed and they don't (typically) have that doggie odor.  Also like poodles, you can "fussy-groom" them OR just keep them clipped short (which is what I plan to do.)  Yorkies simply don't need the "space" that standard poodles need; and their size makes them easier to take places and travel with.  Plus they simply *can't* counter-surf, LOL!  Yorkies are smart, sassy, sweet, loving little dogs who don't seem to know they are small!

Next I narrowed down my search to several breeders who met my exceedingly high expectations and standards.  Most excellent breeders have waiting lists, so it's not uncommon to have to wait for one of their pups.  But I got lucky when Deb Sillers of Amazing Yorkies (in Fairfax, MO) had just what I was looking for *when* I was looking.  (My criteria: a healthy, well-bred, well socialized pup, no preference of gender, not a "teeny-tiny", affectionate, confident, laid back; not nervous or high-strung.)  Deb said that she had a pup that met all my criteria (in fact, she was saving him for the show ring)... but she must have liked me (LOL!) because she offered him to me.  I was ECSTATIC!

Deb has been amazing -- so friendly, helpful and knowledgable.  It has been a pleasure to get to know her.  We have been in touch OFTEN (I hope I haven't been a PEST... gulp!)  She has sent me photos, a video, frequent reports and updates.  No question went unanswered.

My husband and I have named him Brody and he is almost 5 months old.  Deb has had him vet-checked, neutered, micro-chipped, and all vaccinations.   He's ready for us, and we are ready for him; he comes home on Tuesday!   *Happy dance!*    STAY TUNED FOR PART 2!!!