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Saturday, July 6, 2013


I've got puppy fever!  If you read THIS POST you know that I recently became Grandma to Jack, an ADORABLE red standard poodle puppy. OH!  He is just the BEST. PUPPY. EVER!

JACK, 3.5 months old

And I have been *thinking* about adding a dog to our family for awhile now.  (Me and dear husband, and the two pampered Raggies.)   But so many choices, and so many CHANGES... dogs are not as EASY as cats!!!

Dogs NEED things that cats just sneer at, LOL!  Dogs need POTTY TRAINED!  They need crates and fences and daily walks and river runs and licenses and other foreign stuff!  They get into the garbage, counter surf, chew shoes, bark at noises, drool (sometimes), need bathed and groomed and checked for ticks!

I'm not sure I'm really READY for a pup!  Maybe I should wait... THINK ABOUT IT some more... you know, be sensible and logical and practical and rational... YES, that's just what I'll do.

But IF I was ready... (JUST SAYIN'... !)

I'd want a brown standard poodle pup...

OR... a Yorkie!  I've never had one but I have been enchanted with them for years! This is my friend's adorable Yorkie, Chewy:

Talk about *the long and the short* of it... could two breeds BE more different?!!

SOMEONE... help me!

Images credits: Top photo, Bottom Photo

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