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Friday, July 26, 2013

Walking Again!

Well, I saw the ortho doc this week and got his OK to start walking! YESSSSS!  I get to DITCH the crutches, AND the scooter (buh bye, Sassy!), and ambulate again on my own two feet (albeit with a little difficulty and a slight limp.)  But ahhhhh, it's still wonderful!

For those of you who might've missed THIS post, I broke my foot 8 weeks ago (rushing down the basement stairs, missed the last step, went down hard, heard a SNAP.  That's never good!)

It's been a LOOONG two (non-weight bearing) months, let me tell you. Limitations I would have never dreamed of... the entire last two months have been exhausting and yes, even somewhat depressing. So yeah, I did a little happy dance at the doctor's office... I feel like I got my life back!

The footy is still a little *tender* and not completely healed, so the doc said to "take it easy" and "no recreational walking" for at least another month.  I'm OK with that.  Just being able to be back on my own two feet is nothing less than heavenly!  Believe me, I will never take MOBILITY for granted again!

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