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Saturday, August 10, 2013


If you read my last post, then you know that my husband and I recently chose a Yorkie pup to add to our family.  I hope our darling Raggies, Boo and Bentley, agree that it's a good idea, LOL!  I've tried to tell 'em, but those scalawags just don't seem to be listenin'... !


Bentley (aka "Squeak")

Two lazeeeee Raggies...

Funny story: My husband and I had been gone a few hours this morning and when we came home, both kitties were sitting side-by-side in the kitchen, looking very serious and expectant.  Husband says (in his best "kitty voice"): "So, is today the day, Mom? Huh? Huh? We hear ya' talkin'!"  I craaaaaaacked up!

So I'm pretty rusty in the Dog Care Dept.  We haven't had a dog in YEARS... not since Sasha, the German Shepherd/beagle mix rescue that grew up with our kids. I also had NOTHING for a new pup.  (What does a new pup need?!  Well... LOTS of stuff!  Food, treats, chewies, toys, a carrier, dishes, harness, leash, collar, tags, a puppy play pen... you get the idea!)

Here's SOME of the stuff I've gotten... still waiting on a few boxes yet from Amazon and PetSmart!

And they better come soon because he is coming home Tuesday!

"How is he getting home?" you ask. Well, I am flying to MO to get him, of course!  ;o)

YES, YES, I know he could have been shipped.  His breeder has done that before and she had every confidence that he'd be fine.  My daughter had every confidence that he'd be fine.  But let me tell you, if you are EVER thinking of having a pet shipped, DO NOT google, "pets flying in cargo." Even my husband said, "We can't let him fly alone in cargo!  He's so leeeetle!"

So I got busy and found a flight from PIT to MCI (Kansas City, MO) and back in one day that worked for his breeder and wasn't too terribly, dreadfully awful (I leave PIT at 7:25 am and return to same at 8:00 pm)! Keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for NO DELAYS or problems, though... I don't have a minute anywhere to spare!

So that's the story! Little Brody comes home on Tuesday, 8/13/13, hand-carried and riding in the airplane cabin with me.  I am soooo happy and excited.   Lots of pics will follow... I promise!  STAY TUNED!

*Only 3 MORE SLEEPS!!!*


  1. Ok, Aunt Lynnie - you've had Brodie for DAYS now, we need, we want, pictures! Plus, stories on how Boo & Squeak like the new addition!
    Love you!

  2. Love reading your stories! So entertaining!!
    Looking forward to updates!