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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bentley (aka "Squeak") Update

"WHAT?!  You lookin' at ME?!"

So my kitty-loving followers have told me it's time for an update on my adorable Raggies.  I am pleased and honored to oblige!

First up, Bentley (aka "Squeak").  Born on 12/1/09, Bentley (a blue lynx mitted) is from Megailee Ragdolls near Raleigh, NC.  He came home at 3 months old, and he was 14 months old in these pictures and the video.

He is 100% gorgeous, and one of the two Raggie lights of our lives!  (His older brother Boo is the other one, and I'll do an update on him soon.  Getting good pictures of Boo is little trickier, though, because he HATES the camera, and runs away whenever he sees it.  And if I do a video of Boo, it will probably have to be of him sleeping!!!  Really!)

Anyway, Squeak is 11 pounds, 4 ounces, according to the vet's scale.  (But he looks much larger because of that soft, plush fur coat he wears!)  He is healthy, bright-eyed, quiet and sweet; and rarely meows.  The name of his game is PLAY*PLAY*PLAY, and he is an excellent "fetcher".  (Don't miss a short video clip of that HERE.)  Even people who are not cat-lovers (I can hardly even imagine!) comment on what a striking, stunning animal he is.

And a short video clip (less than a minute long) of my beautiful boy :

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Enjoy, and thank you for looking!  

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  1. Hi Lynn! Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours looks like a fun read as well!

  2. Love the updates on Bentley.
    He sure knows how to relax in the top photo.
    Made me laugh.

  3. Bentley is a beauty oops sorry very handsome lol, just checking your blog from Ragdoll forum. love the pictures. The top flop is priceless