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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Yes, yes, I finally entered the 21st century and got a smart phone.  It was "touch and go" there for awhile, but I quickly decided that  I. *LOVE*. IT!  I thought I might miss the simplicity and ease of use of my little old workhorse LG... but um, NOT!  I kicked it to the curb so fast its little screen spinned!  LOL!

The choices for a smart phone are nearly limitless, of course... but after lotsa research and talking with others, I finally decided on the Samsung Fascinate.  I love the screen size (4"), the amazing resolution ("Super AMOLED" display), 5.0 MP camera with flash, long battery life, and especially the SWYPE technology for texting and e-mails.  Oh yeah babee-- LOVE. THAT!  I promise you -- once you "go SWYPE", you'll NEVER go back to tap-tap-tap TYPE!   That's just so... 2010!  ;o)

The phone is chock full of fun features, and really easy to use.  (For nerds and geeks, the 2.2 Froyo OS is an easy OTA upgrade, and comes with lots of awesome improvements plus Google as the default search, so goodbye BING!  It's also supposedly fairly easily rooted... which I am actually considering.)

Yeah, I'm pretty jazzed.  The GPS and navigation features are awesome, and the phone has replaced my aging, ailing, quirky Magellan GPS.  This phone does just about everything but slice and dice... but I'll bet there's an app for that!

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