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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Cheap Thrill!

*Skin*, babee, SKIN!!!

What??!  Git yer mind outta the gutter -- this is a G rated blog! 

I am talking about A DIFFERENT kind of SKIN! 

According to WiseGeek: "a 'skin' is a thin vinyl or plastic adhesive cover that can be attached to the outside of an electronic device (laptop, e-reader, phone, tablet, etc.)  Skins are available in hundreds of colors, designs, and motifs. Skins allow customization of your device and allow them to be uniquely personalized to fit your own design aesthetic."

I recently discovered skins, and there is simply no going back to plain ol', boring, nekkid devices!   ;o)

Yes, yes, I know... they are completely frivolous, and serve no useful or practical purpose except mere decoration... but OH, they are so stinkin' fun and cute!  And surprisingly inexpensive.  And best of all, they are are easy to apply and remove (although not reusable), and don't leave behind any gunk or residue.  Yeah, I'm hooked.

So -- ya' wanna see some SKIN?!!

My Kindle, all decked out and ready to roll:
("Psychedelic Circles" from Skin-it)


My husband's Kindle:
("Industrial" from Decal Girl )


My Dell mini netbook:
(Zebra Skin #35 from Video-GameSkins)

My phone:
(Leopard Spots from Decal Girl)


Aren't those just TOOOO CUUUUTE for words??!  I ask you this?!

So if you are now hooked, too, here are some websites for fun skins to get you started.  The sky is the limit, and they are totally addictive -- believe me!
  1. Decal Girl
  2. Skin It 
  3. Gelaskins
  4. Video Game Skins
  5. Laptop Skins
 So... go ahead, be brave and have fun!  And show some skin, babeee!   ;o)

Photo credit ("Cheap Thrills"): HERE

1 comment:

  1. LOVE This! I also LOVE the Library skin I got last year for my Kindle DX I even brought the image into Second Life to decorate my hidden library!
    -Love the skins, but I just found the prices to be a bit cha-ching for what is basically a sticker. My library skin was $38! (I did add the $5 matte finish) But I just checked Decal Girl - where I got mine, and the prices have come down! Ohhhh! And tell Uncle Barry his Industrial look is AWEsome! Totally fitting!
    Have a great time in Italy & Spain my darling! LOVE YOU!!!