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Saturday, September 11, 2010

DAY # 11 (A Photo of Me Taken Recently)

(This is Day # 11 of my 30-day Blog Challenge... details in post of  August 31)

OK, so taken just a couple of days ago, here is a photo of me and my squirming scalaraggie!   He (Bentley) was apparently MUCH more interested in getting down and *PLAYING* than in being held and cuddled by Mom for some dumb ol' boring photo!   ;o)

Speaking of my adorable baby Raggie, he's getting so *BIG*!  He is almost as big as Boo now. Boo is 12 pounds (at almost-4 years old) and Bentley (only 9 months old) is over 11 pounds!   Whoa!!!

And since Raggies can continue to grow till they are 3 - 4 years old, I think he's gonna be a "big'un"!!!  I better enjoy cuddling and holding him now while I can still LIFT him!!!  

And just as a comparison, look at my baby when he was just 3 months old and 3 pounds!!!  Wasn't he soooooooo cute??! 

And since I adore BOTH of my boys equally, I can't close this post without some equal "Boo" billing!

ALTHOOOOOUGH, Boo is a bugger to photograph. He HATES the camera and will run away as soon as he sees it! Really! If he CAN'T get away (as in, he's being held captive!) the little snort will literally try to TURN HIS HEAD AWAY! I am not kidding you!  

Just look at the expression on his face here, and how he is holding his ears!!!   The Stinkweed!

Tomorrow:  Something I Bought Recently.  Hmmmm, what WILL it be???!   ;o)

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  1. Enjoy looking at before and after photos.
    The kitten should has changed but you look the same :)