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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day # 28 ("A Place I Love")

WHOA!  This was a HARD ONE!  I just didn't know how to answer it.

My husband, on the other hand, would have NO problem answering this question.  His favorite place on the planet is definitely Cancun, Mexico.  We have been there several times, and he LOVES it there.  In fact, I think if I LET HIM, it might be the only place we ever vacation!   But life is simpler for my husband  ;o)  as (admittedly) I tend to DWELL ON things, dissect, belabor and hash them over (and over and over...) 

So, no, for ME, the answer didn't come so quickly because there are simply SO MANY places that I *LOVE*!

For example, I love...
Thailand -- where we had the adventure of a lifetime... (You can read about it HERE)

Alaska -- vast, pristine and just so much FUN!

Hawaii -- such beauty, perfect weather, the sea, the volcano, the waterfalls...

Japan -- an entirely different world and culture.

The Caribbean islands -- bright skies, clear blue waters, so relaxing... always the perfect "getaway"...

Costa Rica was a wonderful adventure, too, and somewhere we'd definitely like to return.  (You can read about that HERE)

Plus we've had the opportunities to visit Belize... Roatan... Honduras... the Mexican Riviera... Cancun and Cozumel... Canada... and many of the states right here in our own beautiful country.  We've been very blessed to have been able to experience many different, incredible places, cultures and people.

So how to choose ONE "place I love"?  It almost seemed impossible.

Then I looked around... and realized... the answer is actually very simple: the place I love BEST in the world is the place we call HOME.

My home.  With my bed and my kitchen and my favorite quilts! Home -- where we start and end each day... where we laugh and play and tease and talk... Saturday night bonfires in the back yard and Sunday dinners in the dining room.  HOME is where my family and friends come, where my kitties are... where the simple miracle of everyday memories are made. 

The fact of the matter is this: no matter how excited we are to travel... we are always very happy and appreciative to come back *home* again.

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