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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day # 25 ("A Favorite Photo")

I have always loved this photo of my daughter, Kendra (but we have always called her "Bunny" or "Bun") with her "two boys" (her brother, Josh and her daddy).  It has always been preeeeetty easy for Little Miss Princess to wrap them BOTH around her little finger!

Josh is 9 years older than she is, so in a lot of ways it was almost like she had 2 daddies growing up.  Her brother could be very protective of her, and sometimes would even question OUR decisions as the parents.  As in, "Are you sure it's OK if she stays the night at so-and-so's house???  I don't know them that well!"  Or, "I dunno, I think 9 pm is a little late for her bedtime!"  As she got older, he always had an opinion on her friends, curfews, activities, etc.  And any poor boy that ever liked her had to run the gauntlet with BOTH her brother and her daddy!  It's a wonder she ever got married!!!

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