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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day # 14 (An Old Photo)

Day # 14 of my September 30-day blog challenge.

In this photo, I'm the 3-year old in the peach-colored dress.  Otherwise, from left to right is my sister, Lana (who ALWAYS has her eyes closed or half-closed in pictures!  It's a family joke!), my mom, my dad, and my maternal grandma, Emma.

The occasion was my oldest sister's wedding.  Too bad she isn't in the picture!  Anyway, what else you can't see in this picture is MY SHOES. 

I got new shoes for the event, and OH!  I just LOOOOOVED them.  There were two problems, though: (1) they were about a size too small (the store didn't have my size) -- AND (2) they had little heels (maybe 3/4" high??!)  that I had never had before and was not used to.  But my mother says that I LOVED those shoes from the second I saw them in the shoe store, there was NO talking me out of them, and I wasn't going to let a silly little thing like them being too small stop me from getting them!  

She warned me about the size:  "They'll hurt your feet!" 
My reply?  "No, they won't!"

She warned me about the heels: "You'll trip and fall!" 
My reply?  "No, I won't!"

So she bought them for me, and I left a VERY happy and excited little girl. I could hardly wait to wear them!  (I asked every day, "How many days till the wedding, Mom???  Huh?  Huh??  Huh???!")

FINALLY, wedding day came!  I got my pin curls taken out, and I put on my pretty new dress and ruffly socks and SQUEEEEEEZED into the shoes (*ouch, ouch, ouch* -- but I didn't tell mom!)   I felt like a million bucks, and was just about ready to waltz down the stairs to ever-so-gracefully make my glamorous grand entrance and... *CRAP*!  Wouldn't you know I TRIPPED AND FELL!!!  Yes, just like Mom said I would!!!  I didn't get hurt (well, only my pride!)... but dang, WHY IS THE MOM ALWAYS RIGHT???!!

Tomorrow:  "A Celebrity Crush"!  Really??!

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  1. I remember how cute you were in your peachy dress. I never knew your little tootsies were hurting.
    You are such an original person.
    No one like you that I know. Even at three years old you had a sense of your own syle.
    Love you,