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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day # 27 ("A Child I Love")

As you may know, I don't have any grandbabies. I have several grand-kitties (whom I do adore!), but none of the human variety. In fact, do you think my dear daughter was trying to tell me something when she bought me the pillow, pictured above???!

BUT... there is one darling child on the planet who calls me "Grandma" and OH, I LOVE IT!  His name is Eric, and he is 9 years old.

Eric is the son of our dear ("almost-son"), Jerod.  We love spending time with BOTH of them (and Jerod's wife, Steph).  They are our "family", too.

Here is Eric (at 2 years old) with his daddy. Are they NOT two peas in a pod????!

And here are a few recent pictures. Isn't he ADORABLE???!

Eric loves motorcycles, trucks, soccer, trampoline jumping, and those crazy little "silly bandz"

And I am proud and honored that he loves me, too... he gave me this note recently (for no apparent reason whatsoever). 

Awwww, I love you, too, Squirt!!! xoxo

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