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Monday, November 1, 2010

PITTSBURGH - #1 Best Place to Move (WooHoo!)

As a Pennsylvanian (and native Pittsburgher) I was pretty jazzed by this recent article which names Pittsburgh as the #1 American city to consider moving to! 

The article reads, in part:

What people are looking for when they relocate changes from time to time. In the 90s, it was a city with low crime. Then, it was places with good schools.

"These days, you want a job and to make sure you can get a house there," said Bert Sperling of, which helps people find the best places to live, work or retire.

Sperling crunched the numbers to find the 10 best cities to relocate to today. The list takes into consideration all kinds of data points from cost of living to crime rates, the number of colleges and how healthy the population is, as well as access to museums, shows, sporting and other events. Plus, one you might not think of - stability.

"We're a big believer in the concept of stability, where there is modest, controllable growth," Sperling explained. "Big booms lead to disruption, and ultimately big busts. Neither is good for livability."

Here are Sperling's Best Cities to Relocate to in America - Why they're the best and who's hiring there.

Pittsburgh, like Buffalo, has also made a major transformation from an industrial town - in Pittsburgh's case, steel -- into the 21st Century as a hub for education, health care and the arts.

Yet, it's still surprisingly affordable: The cost of living is 12.2 percent below the national average and the average home price is $116,400, well below the national average of $171,700.

It's repeatedly ranked as one of the most livable cities: The crime rate is low, it ranks high on both arts and colleges, and it's at low risk for a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane or tornado.

It's also repeatedly ranked as one of the best sports cities, with the six-time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team and the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. You would be hard-pressed to find a city with more loyal sports fans - a fact that should not be underestimated when it comes to quality of life.

The unemployment rate is 7.8 percent, well below the national average of 10.2 percent. has named it the No. 18 job market, with two applicants for every job available.

Companies that are hiring now: HCR ManorCare, BNY Mellon, PNC Bank, Ernst & Young, Westinghouse Electric Company, and UPMC, according to

As for me, I happen to LOVE Pittsburgh.  I think it is a beautiful, culturally diverse, exciting and just-plain-*FUN* city.  We live about 2 hours away now (out in the country) -- but going to Pittsburgh for the day (or the weekend) is still one of my favorite things to do!

Sooooo, anyone out there thinking of relocating?  Well then, I urge you to consider PITTSBURGH!

Oh FYI, the other top 9 "best cities to move to" are:
# 2 Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY
# 3 Omaha, NE/Council Bluffs, IA
# 4 Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas
# 5 Austin-Round Rock, TX
# 6 Des Moines-West Des Moines, IA
# 7 Madison, WI
# 8 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN
# 9 Denver-Aurora, CO
# 10 Indianapolis-Carmel, IN.

(Pittsburgh at night photo credit: HERE)

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