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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye! Semi-annual All-Clad factory sale Dec 3 & 4.

These last few posts would probably make a new reader think this is only a cooking blog - but believe me, it is far more than that -- and any quick cruise through older posts would probably dispel that misunderstanding. But I did want to make this brief All-Clad post now, even though it is following on the heels of two recipe posts, because of the time-sensitive nature of it.

But first of all, I freely admit it -- I am an All-Clad junkie.  I *LOOOOVE* the stuff!!!  Nothing (IMHO) performs quite like it.  Yes, it's pricey, but it honestly is the LAST cookware you will ever need to buy.  Buying it piece by piece (like I did) is as a gradual way to build up a collection of beautiful, functional, KILLER cookware that is simply a joy to use.

I have the stainless collection, in both regular and non-stick.  Some of my All-Clad pieces are over 15 years old, and still look brand new.  And believe me, they get USED!  All-Clad comes with a no-questions asked lifetime warranty, and the stainless pieces (except for the non-stick) are dishwasher safe, too.  Always a plus after busy weeknight dinners.

What you may not know is that most All-Clad is made right here in  PA, south of Pittsburgh in Canonsburg.  And twice every year (in June and December) there is a "factory" sale, and oooooooooh baby, is THAT ever fun!  I have gone MANY times, and each time, I have scored BIG.  At the sale, every piece in every line is usually available, at discounts of 20-80% off MSRP.   It's a great opportunity to see, hold, and handle in person all the various pieces, and get great bargains in the process.  Yes, most of the pieces (although not all) are considered "seconds"... little scratches or "dings", but nothing that affects performance, and the usual All-Clad lifetime warranty still holds.  And honestly, probably nothing that won't happen anyway after some good, hard use in your own kitchen!  

So if you are into quality, premium cookware, and you LOVE a bargain... then you need to be HERE:

WHERE: Washington County Fairgrounds, Washington, PA
WHEN:    Fri & Sat, Dec 3 & 4, 2010; 9 am - 4 pm

(Photos from All-Clad website.)


  1. I have looked up this cookware in the UK and there are two choices.. stainless steel or copper-core. Which do you use?

    Maisie :)

  2. Hi Maisie! I have the stainless because it is dishwasher safe. If that is not an important factor to you (it's not to everyone), then the copper core is phenomenal cookware! (It's also the most expensive line, too, though!) Hope this helps!

  3. I'm so dippy! You did actually say you have the SS ones in your blog entry! Sorry Lynn. Dishwasher safe is definitely a plus for me. I shall go and visit the cookware next time I am in town :)