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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something for Zoey

Our good friends have a beautiful baby girl named Zoey.  Zoey is impossibly adorable and I am simply crazy about her!

I'd been itching to *make something* (you know me!) and had the compelling desire to make a little something for her.  I found this pattern company online and fell in love with their stuff.  I mean, really, what is NOT to love?!  

When our daughter, Kendra, was little, I sewed A LOT for her.  I had tons of fun choosing fabric, mixing and matching, and creating darling one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories for her.  And (bless her sweet little heart!) she loved and proudly wore what Mom had made.  It was win/win, and YES, I miss those days!

So now that I no longer have a little girl of my own to sew for (*sniff*), I guess I will just have to start sewing for friends! 

THIS is the pattern I chose.  (Lots of different fabrics to choose and a strip pieced skirt -- right up my [quilter's!] alley!) And this is Zoey's dress (made in size 12-18 months) in progress:

I gave the present as a surprise on Wednesday.  The next day we saw our friends at a special event, and would you believe Miss Zoey was already wearing her new dress and headband!  Zoey's mom was so sweet and appreciative; she said she "LOVED IT!" and would have bought that little dress in any store, "no matter the cost".  Yeah, I was ticked pink and positively bustin' buttons!  

The dress seemed to fit perfectly (I was a little worried about that!) -- and do you know that darling baby kept that headband on ALL EVENING LONG!  You can see why I adore her?!

So afterwards I got to thinking that the little dress needed a pair of bloomers to match.  I had some of the feature fabric left so I got busy this morning to do just that. I told my husband that I hope Zoey's mom doesn't regret encouraging me, LOL!!!  (You know, like feeding a stray cat?!)

And here's Miss Zoey in her new outfit.  Isn't she precious?


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