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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


OK, so the COOLEST thing happened to me!

A dear childhood friend, who I hadn't seen in DECADES, was thinking of me recently, googled my maiden name, found me through Google Profile, and emailed me!  I was soooo jazzed to hear from her!

She still lives in my old hometown, in the same neighborhood we grew up in.  We have had the best time strolling  jogging  streaking down Memory Lane!


So, we both remember...

...Playing Barbie by the HOURS on a blanket under her big shade tree.   (I was enormously jealous of her double red plastic Barbie case and impressive collection of tiny clothes and accessories!)

... Happily DECESRATING the big Sears and JCPs catalogs.  We would pour through them, imagining we were wives/moms and on a budget and carefully "spending our money", choosing just the right clothes, furniture, accessories, etc., for our families!  We would also cut out the people and other pictures from the catalog pages and arrange "vignettes", sticking them to the wall -- arranging and rearranging!  

...Playing "Invention" (we double, double, toil and troubled crazy, goof-ball mixtures like laundry soap and kitchen salt and Elmer's Glue... not sure now what we were actually trying to invent??! Shoot, not sure we even knew THEN!!  And um... to be honest, this endeavor was not our greatest achievement, LOL!)

...Working feverishly on a secret language that only we would KNOW, and creating a comprehensive DICTIONARY of ALL the words -- oh, I kid you not!!!  (By the way, I even remembered that "mojo" was our code word for "bra" -- something I did not yet own but aspired to need one day!)

...Playing "Jewelry Store" outside, again BY THE HOUR, making "brooches" out of clover or daisies stuck down through leaves, "earrings" from pussy willow buds or buttercups, "rings" from long braided blades of grass!  We would meticulously CREATE our jewelry, then display it artfully on rocks and bushes and hedges, and then carefully (and seriously!) "shop" the wares!  Don't laugh, it was great fun!

What don't we remember?  We don't remember EVER "being bored", watching TV, arguing or fighting.   Even from very young ages, we both clearly remember always being treated by the other with kindness and respect.  We were never mean girls!  

She was the one who first told me about periods.  Her mom gave her a pamphlet, and as a public service announcement (LOL!), she shared the info with me.  And since discussing these types of subjects was NOT my mother's strongest suit, I was deeply appreciative! 

Cheryl is HILARIOUS, some of her emails have left me LOL.  And her memory is awesome, she remembers things that I had long ago forgotten.  For example, that 3 feet tall "walking doll" I had with the eerie, freakishly large eyes and the stiff-legged, stilted walk that always slightly spooked me.  :::shivers!:::

We have found that we have a lot in common.  Just like me, she is married to her high-school sweetheart AND she is a slightly OCD, jewelry-lovin', cat-crazy QUILTER, too!  Can you believe that?!

So it's been a blast reconnecting with her, "catching up", and fondly remembering the innocent days and endless summers of our childhood.  

Thank you, Cheryl, for thinking of me, looking for me and finding me.   But most of all, thank you for being such a sweet and good friend to me "way back when".  xoxo!

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  1. Awww...thanks Lynn! Jogging our memories has been so much fun for me also. I'm so glad I found you, and it's been fun remembering things I haven't thought of for years. We have so much in common, I think we influenced each other back then without even knowing we did. I look forward to our renewed friendship in years to come.