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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Restaurant.com, gift-certificates, flyer miles and (MORE) shoes!

This post may seem to meander a bit, but stay with me... (hopefully) you won't be sorry!   ;o)

So...it all started when my daughter and I were cruising Restaurant.com, which is a very fun website, and if you haven't checked it out yet, I totally recommend it.   (It's not quite as interesting when you live in Small Town, USA, like I do... but it's a great way for us to try new places when we are traveling.)

If you haven't tried restaurant.com yet, basically, here's the scoop: you can search for restaurants, review menus, etc., then choose, buy, and print your own money-saving gift certificates.  (They typically advertise $25 - $35 gift certificates for $10 -- but here's a happy hint: sign up for their e-mail list and wait a bit -- eventually they will drop the price to 2 or $3!)   And once you are on the mailing list, you'll also get other offers, specials, bonuses, and "perks".

So anyway, one special promotion recently offered a choice of specific gift-certificates with a qualifying purchase... so besides five (very cheap!) Restaurant.com coupons, I ended up with a $10 gift certificate from Shoebuy.com.  So off I headed to go *shopping* there!

Well, guess what -- Shoebuy has a GREAT selection, free shipping AND returns (*LOVE* that!), AAAAAND they sell my new favorite brand -- ALEGRIA shoes.  And if you sign up for their (free) membership special, you'll get an additional 10% off your first order.  So I haaaaaaaaaad to order these casual clogs.  (You understand don't you?!) 

I think they are soooo cute, and look really nice with jeans, cords, and casual pants.   And have I mentioned C-O-M-F-Y???!  My feeties are oh-so-very happy!

But wait!  Here's yet another happy shopper hint.  ;o)   I went to Shoebuy.com through the Continental One Pass shopping website and got 14 flyer miles per dollar spent.    AND put the purchase on your favorite credit card you'll get those miles, too (or whatever "perk" your card offers).

If you don't regularly do your online shopping through one of those websites, I  totally recommend it.  It's so easy... all you need is your frequent flyer account number and a password to "log in".  Then shop your favorite wesbite as usual, and those miles will automatically be credited to your account.  It's money you are going to spend any way - why not get as many perks as possible, right?!

Here are a few airline shopping portals to get you started.   If you don't find your merchant in one, try looking in another.  Sometimes there will be bonus specials, too, so compare websites.  And have fun!!!

Delta Sky Miles
United Mileage Plus
Continental One Pass
American Airlines Advantage

Happy Super Saver Shopper signing out! 

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