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a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.”

--Dereke Bruce

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shoes *SO* cute!

OK, not to be whiner, but I have been having some footie troubles. Nothing serious, but definitely pesky and hurty! The podiatrist recommended the usual: Motrin, heat, ice, and a shoes with an anatomically correct footbed and exceptional support. Now SHOE shopping is NEVER a hardship for me... (see HERE for proof that my love affair with shoes goes back to age 3!) but I really didn't expect to find shopping for shoes that THE FOOT DOCTOR recommended to be so darn much fun!

I had never heard of ALEGRIA shoes... but a friend of mine has a pair, and when I saw them, I was *HOOKED*! The foot doctor likes 'em because (and this is from the website):

 ...The Alegria Classic has an anatomically correct patented interlocking footbed system with arch support that is loaded with latex, memory foam and cork to create a "perfect fit" every time by forming to the natural contours of the foot, giving each user their own customized fit. Footbed is removable and available in medium and wide widths.  Engineered to roll naturally, the rocker bottom outsole propels you through the gait cycle, rocking you from heel to toe in a natural motion, resulting in less tired feet and body at the end of the day.

I like 'em because they are so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it! Just look at some of the DARLING colors and patterns that they come in.   And this is just a sampling -- visit Alegria's website for all their styles, patterns and colors, OH MY!  

Following are some of their "Classic" (clog) style: 

For my first order, I went pretty "safe"... got this pair of black ones....

And this darling pair of brown ones.  (Here are a few different views of these brown ones to show you.)

Now I am not typically a "butterflies" kind of a girl, but I think these next shoes are simply 100% adorable!  Look at those colors!  YES. They. will. be. mine!

Every girl should have a pair of ruby red shoes in her closet, no?!
There are several different styles.  Following are a few examples of their "Mary Jane's". 
First up, LEOPARD PRINT!!!

Flower garden!

Gold paisley!!!   Who knew?!

ZEBRA PRINT!  Now how cute is THAT???!

Now if you are a dress-to-the 9's, pointy-toes-and-stilettos kind of a girl, you are probably groaning audibly  by now (if you have even managed to read this far!!!)    But if you are like me -- a casual jeans-and-flip-flops kind of a girl, these shoes may just be right up your alley, too.  Picture them with dark skinny jeans... or your favorite worn, torn, and faded jeans... or cords and a bright sweater... or a denim skirt and tights... ahhhhh!  Sooooooo cute, I tell you!    AND did I mention comfy?  OH SOOOOO comfy... like walkin' on air.  Really.  I. LOVE. THEM. 

So go ahead... pick a pair.  (Or two!)  You don't have to have sore feeties to appreciate and enjoy them.  I promise!

Photo credits (except bottom two photos): HERE


  1. I LOVE the red shiny pair!!! They all look super comfy!

  2. OK...as a teacher-librarian and on her feet every day (& with ouchy knee issues) I'm gonna have to look into these! But I don't like the butterfly. Hmmm but the croco black clogs are lovely!
    Love you!

  3. I think you should try 'em, Gwynnie-girl. I don't especially *love* the butterfly insignia, either - but once I got the shoes, I was actually quite OK with it. I was kinda surprised by that -- thought I might have to "sharpie" it out!!! But it's all good! ;o)

  4. I shall have to try these. They do look cute, but if they are truly comfortable, Wow! that is what I value now.

    Love the new Winter collage. You are getting very good at creating those.

    Thanks again for you witty and mind opening blog.

    Looking forward to your next post,

  5. I was reading too fast at first, and I read the brand as "Algebra" shoes.
    That chilled me to the bone!
    Thanks for scouting around and find neat stuff to recommend!