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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Litter Lifter!

OK, so this may not be the most GLAMOROUS subject for a post... but I happen to know that A LOT of us are cat lovers... and as a cat lover, one of the necessary duties is Ye Old Litter Box. Scoopin' the poop certainly isn't anyone's favorite activity, but it must be done!

Well, I found a litter scoop that is head and shoulders above the competition, and I feel like it is my sworn duty to pass along this information! ;o)

It's called the Litter Lifter and oh man, does this thing make easy work of the job. Instead of scooping, sifting, dumping, re-scooping, re-sifting, dumping... you just push this uniquely-designed (and absolutely NOT flimsy!) scoop through the litter, like a rake. The clean litter just passes right through, leaving behind only *the goods*. ;o)

I'm serious... it's almost amazing! (Or else I am just really easily impressed?!!!)

Anyway... it comes in lots of fun colors, too... and the best part? Less than $10 at pet stores or online.

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