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Friday, July 9, 2010

"Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day"

Ohmygosh, is there ANYTHING more delicious than warm, homebaked bread... fresh from the oven, buttered lightly? Oh, YUM! I think I could LIVE on it! Honestly, just the SMELL of bread baking makes me happy! (Really!)

Up until recently, though, I have not been much of a bread baker. I love to cook, I like to bake... but baking bread? (From scratch? With yeast and kneading and rising, ohmy?) Um, not so much!

That is, until a dear friend turned me on to this book:

The premise of this technique is that in just a few minutes you can mix up a big batch of basic dough (only 4 ingredients... flour, water, yeast and salt) and store it in your fridge. Thereafter, you just pull out, when you need it, enough dough for a loaf; quickly flour and shape it, let it sit for a few minutes, then bake. (Really, that's all. No kneading, rising, punching, re-kneading, re-rising,'s fool-proof -- without angst!!!)

Thirty minutes later you have a rustic loaf of fresh, warm, DELICIOUS homemade bread. It really is just 5 minutes (at the most) of active "working" time.

In my humble bread-loving opinion, fresh, warm homemade bread takes simple weeknight meals to a new level. Even something basic and easy like spaghetti and meatballs is just so much more delicious and *FUN* with a slice of warm bread (or 2... or 3...) on the side!

So... here are photos of my first loaf. What do you think?!

(I wish I would have gotten a few pictures before I cut into it, but I couldn't wait... sorry! It really is THAT good!)

I've been experimenting a little bit... using different flours (I like whole wheat)... different salts, etc. The recipes are basically idiot-proof, and every single time I have ended up with a wonderful, delicious loaf of bread.

The book is fun and chock full of recipes and ideas. I have only scratched the surface of possibilities. I totally recommend it!

(Thanks, Steph!)

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  1. This looks great - and I might just try it! And thank goodness you're off blogging about scary babies & "cute" kids. Gah! [grins] and your collage skillz just keep getting more spot on baby! Soooo proud of you! I may have created this blog for you but you have brought it to LIFE! with Lynn! Love you!