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Sunday, November 22, 2009

"United Breaks Guitars"

One passenger's very frustrating experience with United Airline's customer service.

The story:
In 2008, musician Dave Carroll had his $3500 Taylor guitar seriously damaged by careless baggage handlers at Chicago's O'Hare airport. For ALMOST A YEAR, Dave got NOWHERE trying to get United to accept responsiblity for this. Finally, in frustration, he made this music video, and within DAYS it was an instant YouTube HIT.

(And apparently, United has now offered him some compensation!) Really?! Yeah, no kidding. ;o)

And as someone who has also had careless damage to luggage and belongings when flying, (although admittedly, nothing nearly as valuable as Dave's guitar, but irritating and frustrating all the same!)... I happen to LOVE what he did, and the results he had.

And I absolutely *LOVE!* this video! *Way to go, Dave!*


Taylor guitar photo credit from: here

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