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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Last of the Mojitos -- and Custard's Last Stand! (Vacation at the Beach is Over!)

***Ahhhhh!*** A much needed vacation! Nothing like a getaway to the beach for some good ol' fashioned R & R!

So, my dear husband, dear daughter, dear son-in-law and I spent a week away last month. Our destination? One of our favorite beaches in the country: Bethany Beach, DE.

We LOVE Bethany! The beach... the boardwalk... the sweet little town! And it's even better when the time is spent with even MORE family (my sister, my brother-in-law, and my niece)!

So what do you do at the beach in September? ANYTHING you want to! And I'm honestly NOT a lay-and-bake-in-the-sun kind of girl, so I LOOOOOOVE the beach in September. All the beauty and fun of the ocean, but slightly cooler days and nights, and no crushing crowds... it's awesome!

So how did we spend our week? We slept in lazily, we walked on the beach, we shopped, we did lots of reading on the balcony, we laughed and played, and of course we ate lots of great seafood. YUM! The week flew by, but the memories are still making me smile!

Ocean City, MD (not too far away) was having their annual "Sun Fest", and that made a GREAT day trip. Mmmmm, I LOVE fun, schmaltzy festivals like that!

While we were at SunFest, my darling husband and brother-in-law rented segways! Ohmy, how FUN was that?! I thought I'd probably kill myself, but what'dya'know, I took right to it. They said I was "a natural"! (How THAT can benefit me in real life, I'm still trying to figure out!) ;o)

Right before we left home for the beach, a friend of ours gave us a couple of pounds of beautiful, fresh, garden-grown spicy peppers. We carefully hauled those babies all 450 miles!

My sister and I love to cook, and especially at the beach! So we had a plan for those peppers... and it was called MEXICAN FIESTA NIGHT!

We cut the tops off each pepper, and hollowed them out carefully. We browned sweet sausage and onions and added to that some chipotle Mexican rice. We stuffed those bad boys with the sausage/rice mixture and also a nice chunk of pepper jack cheese, and layered them with enchilada sauce in a VERY LARGE baking dish. More (shredded) cheese on top, then baked it all at 350 degrees for about an hour.

Garnished with scallions and fresh chopped cilantro... DELICIOUS! Served with refried beans, rice, tortillas and Mojitos... OLE'!

So the week passed, and the time came to leave. *sigh*

It's always hard to face the end of a great vacation, but the beach had worked its magic, and we were definitely feeling mellow and happy and relaxed - just what the doctor ordered!

And of course, it's always nice to get home... and we were VERY happy to see our sweet li'l Boo!

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  1. MMmmmm loved those beautiful, so yummy and so hot! loved spending time with you darling auntie!!! LUM2P!