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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pet parents -- you gotta try THIS!

OK, pet parents, I just ran across something today that I just HAVE to share. I am so excited to have found this!

Living with my Ragdoll, Boo, means living with a LOT of fur. He is a shed-meister! We call Boo hair on our dinner plate a "garnish", and cat hair on clothes is a must-have fashion accessory (isn't it?!)

Believe me, I TRY to keep it under control. We brush him frequently. We have a Dyson Animal vaccuum cleaner, and lint rollers and brushes in almost every room... but even still, we were losing the Battle of the Cat Hair.

ENTER the Pledge Fabric Sweeper! A small, hand-held, totally low-tech gadget (no batteries, no power cord, no switches) that really works to pick up all that pesky pet hair from fabric, upholstery and furniture. It is downright amazing (and dare I say it, even FUN to use!)

Here is a link for it: Pledge Fabric Sweeper

I found it today at Wal-Mart; a pack of two was about $9.00. Yeah, that's kinda spendy, but I'll bet there are some coupons out there; I'll have to keep my eyes open. But it is reusable (until it is "full") and I am telling you, it is WORTH IT!

Boo was VERY interested in it,too!

"Hey, Mom, what's going on here???! That smells like ME in there!"

So here he is... my sweet little angel baby and the
Source of the Perpetual Battle of the Fur!


  1. does it work on dust? because my velvet sofas get a little dusty and use a lint this easier & faster?

  2. Hmmmm, I'm not 100% sure! Is it picking up dust, too, when it picks up the pet fur? Well, I looked at it closely tonight and yes, I think so!
    For $5 or so, I think it's worth a shot!